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Black and white - Pen
Silvia .:human form:I will burn ya face:. by pickiny
Silvia .:human form:lost:. by pickiny
Silvia .:new look:. by pickiny
Scanned =w=
Black and white - One character
Silvia based .:Avatar from Gaia Online I made :. by pickiny
Sassy Silvia by pickiny
Silvia-line no mask by pickiny
Jeff-sexy by pickiny
Jeff .:red:. by pickiny
+1 point for adding another color
Color - one character
Silvia .:Red Hood:. by pickiny
Little Silvia by pickiny
bored by pickiny
Sun? I don't see light by pickiny
Baroness .:Silvia:. by pickiny
Silvisa+red by pickiny
color means using many colours
black and white -2 characters
Silvia and Jeff .:scarf kiss:. by pickiny
Arpons for two. by pickiny
Jeff and Silvia by pickiny
Silvia-note-jeff by pickiny
Silvia-note-jeff-3 by pickiny
follow by pickiny
+5 points for more characters
Color - 2 characters
cheese by pickiny
Ask Kenny and Jeff by pickiny
Slenderman and Slenderwoman by pickiny
Cozy Couple by pickiny
Smiles And Silvia by pickiny
Silvia and the new Proxy by pickiny
Color means that I'll use many colors, not one =w=
Color - Group - 3 or more characters
Oh....anime drama by pickiny
Wellcome to the family, Kenny by pickiny
Scrap145 A-2 by pickiny
For a huge group, it will cost more so don't be shy to ask =w=
Character creation - Color image + sketches
More movement by pickiny
Movement .:Limit line:. by pickiny
Desing of Limit Line by pickiny
Scrap077 Ag by pickiny
Limit by pickiny
Silvia-line no mask by pickiny
You should send whatever you want me to include. 
I'll send you the drafts I made to desing it.
I can make a small backstory for free

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My work... I am pround of it... a little XD


You find yourself at that point in your life that you need to see something new; something that breaks with logic rules. Here is a way. It’s dangerous but it’s a small adventure you can have.

Before I start explaining, you need to know a few things:

The monster you are gonna see isn’t human.
Her name is Silvia and she is very tall, white, almost featureless, white hair with black trims and usually wears long dresses.
Show fear or respect. Don’t act like a hero. She hates heroes.
If at any point she sees you, RUN. It’s always best to try even knowing she is a Slenderwoman and can teleport.
Don’t carry with you any kind of electric devise. It makes sound when she is close. She can hear pretty well.
At LAST resort, be charming and polite and kiss the back of her hand. Take a gif with you. She might refer your life but have something prepared.
Silvia isn’t cruel if you weren’t cruel infront of her. Begging for your life would work if you are not a threat to her.
With all this said, let’s start.

If orphans start missing in your city and then other kids also disappear means that Silvia is arround. Just place a kid all alone in the middle of a square and stay totally still anywhere else.

The Slenderwoman will eventually, that night, hear the kid. Make sure that the kid stays there and talk or make sounds with their voice because if not, Silvia won’t be able to listen to them.

She will appear, eventually, while being follow by more. If you are not hidding and the kids see you, they’ll tell Silvia and you will end up as dinner. If she is alone and you don’t move, you will be able to follow them if you keep a distance of 100 metters or more of distance.

Keep following them into the forest. Don’t stop if they dissapear, it’s normal. Just keep walking until they are visible again. By that point you had reached the Great Forest. Any forest lead to that dangerous forest.

Remember only to follow a 8 foot tall female with kids and nothing else. There are other creatures arround and they also eat people.

Once they have reached a metalic fence, she will simply appear on the other side with the kids she found. You can climb or jump but try to make sound when she is away.

Once you crossed the fence you will be secure. It’s her territory.

Don’t go near any place if you start seing toys or pillows on the ground. That’s where the kids are. You don’t want them to see you because children talk and Sivlia can’t understand lies very well. She will always belive them.

Leave by morning. LEAVE when there is plenty of light. Silvia is a shadow monster, she can’¡t see what light touches but she can see your shadow. THINK before hidding until daytime.

During the day you will be able to find a door on the fece. Yes, it wasn’t before but it is here now.

LEAVE. Monsters from The Great Forest, at least some of them, also hunt during the day. Don’t get close to any even if they seems friendly. They aren’t. THEY AREN’T.

Finally, don’t take anything with you. Silvia will find you, probably kill you and take what you have stolen with her and nobody will know what happen exept from the part that you head will appear at your home’s door.
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I love your art. it's so cute, I also have have a love for Creepy Pasta.
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My Tumblr blog is about a Slenderwoman. I also love them
Tenshineko01 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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wellcome =w= Idem
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Hi there! Thank you very much for adding my work to the favourites!

I am currently preparing to launch a project to create and release my own line of figures, which will involve fantasy figs and dinosaurs, as finished and painted statues. In parallel, I am also working on my book trilogy, and as a matter of fact, the figure line I am preparing will be canonical to the books. The first book will have a complete draft by the end of this year and then will go through the process of editing and publishing.

Please like my page on Facebook and if you know anybody else who likes fantasy or dinosaurs, please spread the word! This will help me build my fanbase (I want others to be able to enjoy my work same way I have been since I was 6 years old!) and lift my project off the ground, so that everybody out there can enjoy my work as much as I do! I will post any updates or new work here, but the news on the WIP on any particular artwork and the project in general will be posted on the FB page.

Here is the link:…

Thank you very much!

All the best,
xMaxine10x Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Right now I have finished your commission, but did you want the lines inked or still in pencil?
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what do you think it would look better?
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